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I chose SECURIMED for the concierge service !

I chose SECURIMED for their dedicated team !

I chose SECURIMED for their innovation!

Occupational Medical Clinic

Our solution for large companies


Outsourcing services


SECURIMED brings together all of the occupational physician services and has direct access to doctors and medical specialists.

Its clinics network provide coverage across Canada.

A dedicated team takes care of activities on a daily basis and management reports are available for manager.

Medical Concierge Service


SECURIMED has implemented a Concierge service at the request of its customers. On the same principle as the concierge services in hotels and on credit cards, we respond to unusual medical requests without exception.

In addition to easy access to medical care, the VIP service handles the systematics.

We integrate you

Turnkey medical services:

SECURIMED appoints a person for the implementation of the services.  Our philosophy is to adjust our ways based on our customers.


SECURIMED has developed a system which allows large companies with multiple units to receive their billing on behalf of the correct corporation and avoid inter-company billing.

Your management tools

Medical services:

SECURIMED records the entirety of the activities in a database or it is possible to obtain monthly monitoring reports. As well, some tools are also available to provide real-time monitoring of activities.


SECURIMED sends the receipts directly to the entity but can also send a centralized report.

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